Resources for Enhancing Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

Resources for Enhancing Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

The ways that aged care service providers engage with consumers is under the microscope, and providers will need to find new ways of creating partnerships with consumers, their families, and communities. This is vital to not only providing the best possible care and services, but also to meeting the quality standards. 

We have been working with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to develop a set of free resources from our Enhancing Consumer Engagementworkshops.  

These resources and activities are designed to walk you through a process to understand consumer engagement, how it relates to your own work, and how you can develop the ways you engage in your own service or organisation. They can be completed alone or as a group. 

We worked with Carrie Hayter Consulting to develop the workshop content that has been used in these resources. The workshops were commissioned by the Aged Care Quality Agency, which is now known as the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. 

The second edition of the resources will shortly be available for download. To be notified when they are available, or to receive a copy of the draft resources and provide your comment and feedback, please send an email to 

You can still access the previous versions of the resources by clicking through the pages linked below.