Affordable and accessible transport is a significant underlying factor in access to health services, social and community opportunities and paid and unpaid work and the ability to age in place, use outdoor spaces, and participate in community life. Without appropriate transport services, people are unable to access many of the services and programs provided to support them. Transport systems and infrastructure need to be developed with the interconnected domains that impact health and wellbeing in mind.

We know from our conversations with Queenslanders that the accessibility and affordability of transport (including public transport, taxis and community transport) remains a significant area for improvement.

We continue to advocate for future planning of transport systems that are equitable and that leave no Queenslanders behind. It is vital that the needs of Queenslanders as we age are adequately considered in future planning, and in particular the needs of regional Queenslanders, those on limited, fixed incomes, those with disabilities, experiencing ill health or other physical or cognitive limitations, and those who are not comfortable using technology or have limited access to the internet.

This is important to ensure that transport is not only accessible for people of all ages and abilities, financial and life circumstances, but that it effectively and meaningfully supports community participation and access.

What we do

As well as meeting independently with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to discuss their strategies and policies, we also represent consumers’ voices on a number of groups including the Department of Transport and Main Roads Stakeholder Consultative group and Translink Accessibility Reference Group as well as the Queensland Rail Accessibility Reference Group.

Find more information

  • For information about Queensland public transport including maps and timetables, visit the Translink website.
  • Are you a public transport user traveling interstate? Find out more about concessional travel here.
  • The Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme here.
  • Visit My Aged Care and search for local community transport providers in your local area.
  • Check with your local with your local council for alternative travel schemes.