Our action plan for the incoming Queensland Government

We have been working over the past months to put together our statement of priorities for the 2020 Queensland election. We are excited to be able to share it with you!

As a State we have faced some great challenges and huge change. There are things we would like to see continue and some problems that need urgent solutions.

We have created a detailed action plan for the Queensland Government to address some of the big concerns for Queenslanders as we age and create a state for all ages. The action plan gives a clear direction to achieve our Vision for Queensland.

In brief the recommendations are:

  1. Break down silos to lead whole-of- Government and cross-sector collaborative action towards an Age-friendly Queensland.
  2. Create more meaningful and sustainable change by using a place-based approach and providing funding and support for locally led action.
  3. Show leadership in addressing ageism within Government policy and programs and the broader community and promote positive relationships between generations.
  4. Keep tackling elder abuse through programs for education, reporting, and redress.
  5. Lead by example to combat age discrimination in the workplace and support others to work with older people to change their own practice.
  6. Lead cross-sector collaboration to create an equitable, integrated health system that meets diverse needs throughout life, and support people to understand and use it.
  7. Invest in liveable communities and support people to create and access housing that is affordable, right for people’s needs, and supports their health and wellbeing long term.
  8. Ensure adequate concessions to address cost of living pressures and make it simple to access them.
  9. Co-design an accessible, affordable transport system that leaves no Queenslanders behind.
  10. Provide greater choice, protections, and support in the energy market and improve affordability, energy efficiency, and education.
  11. Invest in a statewide strategy to improve action to digital access, affordability, and skills while ensuring those who are not online have equal opportunities for full participation.

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