The Community Managed Aged Care Model – where it began, Bell.

Innovative community-led and managed aged care models are gaining momentum across Queensland and the country.

The model began in the small rural community of Bell in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains in Queensland.

The video below was filmed in late 2021 and provides a snapshot of the model in action. Listen to this inspiring story through the voices of the local people – the community champion, people now receiving support and care in their home and community, and a new locally based workforce generated through this collaborative approach.

The Community Managed Aged Care Model – 12 months on.

12 months on, in late 2022, we sit down again to find out what’s been happening in Bell, and how community champions in Etheridge Shire adapted the model to meet the needs of remote communities in the Savannah Gulf Country.

The number of communities adapting the community-based model for their locations continues to grow, with over 15 locations Queensland-wide as of March 2023.

In addition to the videos that COTA Queensland has produced, Landline (ABC National TV) also featured the model in 2022 which has further garnered interest across the country.

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