Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

How aged care service providers engage with consumers is vital to not only providing the best possible care and services, but also to meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards. Most importantly, consumer engagement is important in ensuring people’s rights to be involved in decisions that affect them.

Effective, ongoing, responsive engagement strategies are still fundamental to every aspect of care services. What is changing is the expectation about how service providers go about it.

Service providers need to look at how they engage with consumers and what might need to change in order to continuously improve practice. Even the best services have room to become even better, and the very best services are constantly looking for ways to innovate.

Understanding the many purposes of engagement in care services, what consumers’ expectations are, and how to apply all this in the busy day to day can be overwhelming. But with the right tools and resources, every member of staff can lead practice improvement. That is why we have developed a program of work to support service providers to build consumer engagement capacity among their staff.

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