Consumer engagement during COVID

Consumer engagement during COVID

As the COVID pandemic has unfolded, the focus has increasingly been on the wellbeing of people living in residential care or receiving care at home. Aged care services here and overseas have been finding a broad range of virtual and low-tech ways to help people living at home and in residential care to connect with services, their families, and their communities.

However, consumer engagement is not just about social connections and wellbeing. It is about how people are involved in care services as partners.

People have a right to be engaged in discussions and decision making that impact them. This hasn’t changed because there’s a pandemic.

The principles of good engagement – and of partnership – haven’t changed either. All that have changed are the issues that are being discussed and the constraints and challenges that need to be negotiated.

In an emergency, when drastic action needs to be taken, providers are trying to respond in a hurry. There are significant constraints, stress, and pressure. The stakes are high. There are also fears and concerns of staff and consumers, families, and communities that we need to allow to be heard and acknowledged.

However, effective engagement is an opportunity to manage risks, find solutions, and open new spaces for communication.

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