Concluded Programs

We are regularly involved in research, education and engagement projects across a wide range of issues.  

Our peer-to-peer education programs have been a very successful way to reach thousands of seniors around the state on issues as broad as medicines, mental health, retirement living options, Enduring Powers of Attorney, aged care, and navigating the electricity market, among others. While we are not currently delivering peer-to-peer education sessions, we are updating our resources on these topics and they will be available for download soon. 

We also work with Universities and a range of partner organisations to undertake research and engagementRecent work includes community engagement around Compassionate Communities, involvement in University research on older people’s roles in supporting sustainability, and creative projects to challenge ageism. 

Summaries of the outcomes of some of our most recent programs can accessed in the pages below. 


Faces of Ageing

Challenging ageism and stereotypes about ageing is a major focus for us at COTA Queensland. We are always exploring different ways to do this, including through creative arts. The aim of the Faces of Ageing project was to explore positive experiences of ageing in the community, challenge stereotypes and recognise the diversity of…
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Planning Ahead: Let’s Talk Enduring Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is legal document outlining who you would choose to manage your financial, personal, and health matters should you be unable to act yourself. It allows someone you have appointed to make these decisions on your behalf. It’s an individual decision, and not everyone decides to…
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Enhancing Consumer Engagement in Aged Care Workshops

The new Aged Care Quality Standards, which came into effect on 1 July 2019, place a much greater focus on the individual consumer, their family and support network. In fact, the consumer is at the centre of each of the new quality standards. This means that how aged care service…
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Switched on Seniors

All Queenslanders should be able to ensure they have the best possible deal for their home electricity. Switched on Seniors was a peer-to-peer community education program to increase seniors’ knowledge, skills, and confidence to make informed choices and have control over their energy bills. The sessions included information on tariffs, the electricity supply chain, the elements of an…
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Right Where You Live

People are faced with many decisions as they age. One of the most challenging decisions can be those related to where to live.  Moving to a retirement village or manufactured home park are two of the options that are available. These decisions are quite complex and require significant knowledge of the relevant legislation, as well as the…
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Radio COTA

Radio COTA was a weekly podcast hosted by Andy Neil for COTA (Council on the Ageing) Queensland.  Each week we explored topical and relevant information for older Queenslanders with in-depth Interviews, news and event updates. Radio COTA was funded by the Queensland Government through the Community Care Program. First launched…
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