SNACK: Some New aged Care Knowledge

SNACK: Some New aged Care Knowledge

Information and resources to inform and inspire the home care workforce.

At the core, care is about humans supporting humans, and it is important to make sure that the people providing home care have the right skills and knowledge to deliver high quality person-centred care.

Through our engagement over the past two years, we heard early on that the direct focus on ‘frontline’ workers to raise the visibility of the sector and support those already in it is an aspect that needed attention. To value and hear the experiences of Personal Care Workers and focus directly on the continuous improvement opportunity for a section of the workforce that doesn’t often get the chance to feel connected to their peers.

As part of our work building the capacity of the home care workforce, COTA Queensland is working   in partnership with Queensland Positive People (QPP), EmPaur (Torres Strait Islander perspectives of care giving), the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Queensland   (ECCQ), and the Queensland Council of LGBTI Health (QC) to deliver a suite of resources for anyone looking to understand and develop a person-centred approach to home care.

Designed for home care staff, people training or planning to join the home care workforce, the SNACK resources will deliver short and concise information that focuses on the real experiences of providing, and receiving, person-centred care.

SNACK Podcast Season 1 – Available Now

Dr Andrea Petriwskyj, COTA Queensland Project Lead, Engagement and Education, hosts a number of conversations, covering lots of ground, including ageism and attitudes, autonomy and risk, self-care, advocacy and allyship, diversity and inclusion, and communication, and more. Available now.

SNACK Podcast Season 2 – Available Now

Brought to you by Queensland Positive People (QPP), this season builds upon the insightful groundwork laid by COTA Queensland in the previous season and focuses on the unique needs of older individuals living with HIV. The episodes provide essential insights for the aged care and home care workforce, offering a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by this demographic.

SNACK Podcast Season 3 – Available Soon

EmPaur are producing a very special season as they explore the complex relationships involved in delivering and receiving culturally appropriate care for Torres Strait Islander people.

Through honest conversations and touching stories, the podcast aims to show how important family bonds and cultural traditions are in the changing world of caregiving.

SNACK Podcast Season 4 – Available Soon

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of Queensland are producing a podcast series that will explore issues and supports for working and caring for culturally and linguistically diverse people.

SNACK Silver Rainbows Resources – Available Soon

The Queensland Council for LGBTI Health are adapting some silver rainbows resources to be used in the home care setting.

You can listen to the SNACK podcast episodes below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

This podcast has been produced as part of the Australian Government funded Home Care Workforce Support Program, delivered in Queensland through a Consortium partnership including Skills Hubs and Skills Generation, led by COTA Queensland.