Ageism & Intergenerational Relationships

Ageism & Intergenerational Relationships

Ageism is a significant factor in policies and services that do not meet the needs of – and can actively disadvantage – older people. It is pervasive and widely accepted and can be seen across all aspects of life including in policy. It is also a growing problem.

Community cohesion and intergenerational respect are vital to an age-friendly Queensland. We are increasingly concerned by growing intergenerational conflict and disrespect. The Benevolent Society’s survey on ageism indicated that the more contact people had with older people, the more positive their attitudes – but that many did not have this regular contact. Initiatives that promote interaction, friendship, and connections between people of all ages should be the norm across Queensland.

We have spoken out against the use of language and reporting that pits the generations against one another on economic and social issues, and we continue to advocate for balanced, inclusive, and respectful debate and solutions. We encourage intergenerational awareness and understanding and actively promote opportunities to foster this in all aspects of the community.

We advocate for an All ages in all policies approach to Government policy making, which places over all Government policy and programs a lens of age-inclusion and fairness and draws on diverse, multigenerational advice and perspectives.

What we do

We actively campaign against ageism in all aspects of the community. Recent examples include our 2019 Healthy Ageing Forum, which was headlined by anti-ageism campaigner and advocate Ashton Applewhite, and our Faces of Ageing project, which was designed to highlight diverse positive perspectives on ageing.

We promote and support campaigns and research and community projects that tackle negative stereotypes, encourage positive intergenerational relationships, and actively combat ageism in the community.

We coordinate Queensland Seniors Month on behalf of the Queensland Government. Seniors Month aims to:

  • improve community attitudes toward older people and ageing
  • facilitate community participation including those from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and
  • enhance community connection and intergenerational relationships.

We are also part of the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 Seniors Taskforce, which includes advice on the Care Army. 

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We support the Every Age Counts Campaign, which includes a pledge against ageism. You can sign the pledge here.