Volunteer Community Peer Navigators Pilot Launched On Bribie Island 

Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland and Moreton Bay Regional Council are partnering to pilot a Volunteer Community Peer Navigator Program at the Bribie Island library. The program aims to empower older people and their carers to access relevant services and supports and gain confidence in using technology to maintain their mental and social wellbeing and adapt to changing circumstances. Peer navigators are located in the Bribie Island library one day per week (Tuesdays) at a pop-up table and actively engage in one-to-one meaningful conversations with individuals (face-to-face, either once-off or ongoing). By listening with empathy to their story, peer navigators identify the specific needs and priorities of older people and their carers, and direct them to the most appropriate services and supports, including healthcare, social, cultural and community services and supports.    The program was launched at the Bribie Island Library on Monday 15 March and was attended by Division 1 Councillor Brooke Savige Sessions will be delivered every Tuesday 10am – 6pm in the Library, starting Tuesday 13 April. 

For further information please contact Karen Wilson, Project Officer, COTA Queensland. T. (07) 3316 2912 or E. karen.wilson@cotaqld.org.au  

This activity is supported by funding from the Brisbane North PHN through the Australian Government’s PHN program. 

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