Our Principles

Our Principles

COTA Queensland adheres to five primary policy principles:

Policy Principle 1 – Maximise opportunities for economic, social and political participation of Queenslanders as we age

We support policies and programs that encourage and facilitate the inclusion of older people in all aspects of life.

Policy Principle 2 – Promote positive views of ageing, reject ageism and challenge negative stereotypes

We support initiatives that recognise the capacities and contributions of people as they age and actively combat ageism and ageist stereotypes.

Policy Principle 3 – Promote interdependence and consciousness across generations

We promote policies that meet the specific requirements of people as we age whilst taking account of the needs of the entire community for sound economic and social development.

Policy Principle 4 – Redress disadvantage and discrimination

We support policies and programs that promote the rights of all people to dignity, to security, to access high quality services, and to equality in participation in the community regardless of their income, background, location or any other social or economic factor.

Policy Principle 5 – Protect and extend services and programs that are used and valued by older Queenslanders

We develop policies and provide advice on maintaining, developing, and improving services and programs that are important to Queenslanders as we age.

To become involved in our policy work or to find out more, please email us at [email protected] or join our Community Reference Network and contribute through our online Engagement Hub.