2020 State Election Statement of Priorities

Older Queenslanders make up a large and growing proportion of the Queensland electorate.

This document is to inform political parties and candidates participating in the 2020 Queensland State Election about the needs, concerns, and interests of the large and growing number of older people in our state.

Queenslanders’ wellbeing, participation, and continued contribution needs to be supported by age-friendly policies, services, and infrastructure.

We strongly support continued action towards an Age-friendly Queensland, including place-based approaches as well as support for Local Governments and businesses, and local community initiatives.

Urgent attention is needed to address ageism and relationships between the generations.

Specific actions are required to address elder abuse, age discrimination in employment, codesign of an integrated health system, access to affordable and appropriate housing, adequacy of concessions, consumer education, choice, and protections around energy provision, digital inclusion, and affordability and accessibility of transport.

In many of these areas, there are important learnings and opportunities emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Recovery efforts must prioritise the areas of greatest need and optimise the positive developments that have emerged. There needs to be a focus on local capacity and community responses and how these can be supported, drawing together the public, private, and community sectors.

We have a unique opportunity to build back better to create the change that is needed.

We strongly encourage the incoming Queensland Government to develop, under an Age-friendly Queensland Strategy, an integrated cross-departmental, collaborative, and crosssector policy framework that provides stronger and more active support to Queenslanders as we age.

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