Resources for Enhancing Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

Resources for Enhancing Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

The new Aged Care Quality Standards are all explicitly focused around the consumer. This means that outcomes for consumers must be at the centre of everything we do. Consumer engagement is about how we communicate, involve, and co-create this with people.

But what does that mean in practice?

This short video takes a quick look at how consumer engagement relates to the Aged Care Quality Standards. The video was co-produced with three older people who were part of COTA Queensland’s volunteer community team.

This factsheet activity card provides some information about the consumer focus in the quality standards and what that means for how you engage.

Download Activity 2 here.

As we explore in Activity 2, the new Aged Care Quality Standards focus on outcomes for consumers. Consumer engagement strategies will be essential to ensuring your service can demonstrate the evidence at the requirement level to meet the consumer outcome statements.

The Commission has developed guidance materials and resources for providers. These are available on their website.

The purpose of this activity is to look in more depth at specific quality standards to explore the key words and requirements related to consumer engagement.

Download Activity 3 here.