Planning for Wellbeing

Planning for Wellbeing

Planning for Wellbeing

Brisbane North Primary Health Network (PHN) has engaged COTA Queensland to work with people and organisations across the Brisbane North region who have an interest and expertise in mental health.

The focus of Planning for Wellbeing is on mental health, suicide prevention and alcohol and other drug treatment services. COTA Queensland is focussed on improving outcomes for older people.

Various stakeholders have been brought together in an action group to progress Chapter 6 of Planning for Wellbeing – the regional plan for North Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Some of the key priority areas that the action group has identified include:

  • Expanding and diversifying mental health services for older people;
  • Delivering high-quality mental health and suicide prevention services for older people; and
  • Supporting carers to sustain good mental health.

To ensure that consumer and carer representatives were properly represented, COTA Queensland offered consumers and carers (with a lived experience of mental illness) the opportunity to participate in the action group. Three people with lived experience of mental illness are now participating in the action group to identify practical actions that will improve health outcomes for older people in Brisbane North.

A copy of the Regional Plan can be downloaded at

The project runs until June 2020.

For further information please contact  Project Officer Karen Wilson by email at [email protected].