Help us shape the retirement living industry – What do older Australians want and need?

COTA is partnering with Catalyst Research to conduct a landmark study into Retirement Living. The study aims to understand the needs of older Australians on how they undertake research and assess providers as they consider independent or assisted living options i.e., what do older Australians want and need?

Retirement living is becoming a more popular option for Australians seeking to downsize or simplify their lives. For many, retirement living is a deliberate lifestyle choice, as opposed to the necessity of having to move into an aged care residence later in life. Catalyst Research and COTA are working together to ask Australians what they seek in terms of retirement living options.

Retirement living may be relevant now or in the future, for yourself or perhaps a parent. We’re exploring what makes one facility more attractive than another and what services people wish to access as they grow older.

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete this survey link. Your feedback will remain confidential.

This research will be used by providers to improve retirement living offerings and services. It will also be used by COTA to lobby government and industry to ensure older Australians can influence how the industry evolves.

COTA Queensland looks forward to sharing the study findings and use these findings to continue to advocate on behalf of older Queenslanders and quality and diverse housing and lifestyle options, as we continue to work towards building healthy ageing communities.

Thanks for providing input to help shape the retirement living industry.


Survey link open until 22 August 2022

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