Craig & Patricia

Craig & Patricia

Personal Care Workers


Late September 2022, I was doing what so many of us do, scrolling through Facebook. I paused to read an add from SkillsHubs, calling for Personal Care Workers in the aged care industry.

I’m an ex-police officer so I was used to serving the community and this was an opportunity to continue that service in a different and meaningful way. I’d also spent some time as the primary carer for my daughter, who lives with a disability. The skills I developed both with my policing and caring roles were highly transferable.

I was assigned to Nicki, a Regional Workforce Co-ordinator with SkillsHubs. She immediately saw the potential for all that I could bring to the aged care industry. Within a few days, Nicki had lined me up for an interview with Blue Care, one of the state’s biggest providers of in-home care, residential aged care and retirement living.

In less than a month after reading the Facebook add, I’d started with Blue Care on the Gold Coast, later transferring to Toowoomba where I continues to work with Blue Care 12 months on.

Nicki wasn’t the only one who saw the potential in my career move. Patricia, a friend of mine was the one to thank for me pausing on, then responding to the job add. I’d been aware of Trish’s own work with residential and in home car. I found her to be inspirational, I’d describe her as a champion of the aged care industry. She’s a champion of help and care with genuine compassion and honesty. It’s made me proud and given me purpose – she inspired me to take a leap into a life changing decision.

I nominated Patricia for carer recognition via SkillsHubs Carer of the Month initiative, with Trish taking out Carer of the Month for August 2023.

Trish has worked in varying capacities within aged care for over a decade. She’s completed a Cert III in Individual Support and is now looking to add a Certificate in Leisure and Health to her qualifications.

Trish began her aged care journey with a mix of hospital work, residential care and palliative care but has since moved across to In Home Care with Alzheimer’s Australia. She says that it’s the perfect role for her, allowing her to spend one on one time with her clients. She likes to build meaningful relationships and provide the care that each and every person deserves.

You just never know when your work is providing inspiration to those around you. Our story is one of mutual respect but also one of taking the time to recognise the work and worth of others.