Personal Care Worker

Age: 72 years old

I was retired for 2 years, having worked in the mining and boiler making industries (heavy machinery). I decided because I was still able-bodied and had so much time on my hands that I’d like to help people.

My interest was sparked by seeing other people out doing the job. I’d see people in the supermarket with their support workers and I thought it was something I’d want to do.

I Initially wanted to do things like drive people around, and I went to an interview for it but they said that they needed high care workers. A friend ended up referring me, she’d been in the industry and knew people, so she put in a good word for me.

I was initially a bit hesitant when they said that it would be things like using bedpans, but I gave it a I did really enjoy it however because I was in high care, I was getting a lot of shifts, and I could pick and choose shifts. Because I’m in high care too, I get to see the same people regularly and I like that, I don’t want to have to travel in-between people too much.

I don’t really practice my trade anymore, I do every now and then do something in the shed, but outside of that I’m kind of done with it. I liked that it was a difficult industry, and that it was challenging but now, (working in home care) I find it really enjoyable that I get to make someone’s day a lot better – it’s like a goal for the day.

It makes it a lot easier to go back the next day, especially the fact that I don’t have to get up and go to work at 5 in the morning and work in fumes all day. I like the shift structure; I don’t have to commit as much time every day. The people that I work for are lovely, I got my shifts immediately and they helped me into it.

I haven’t been doing this for so long, but I can’t see any reason to stop any time soon or change who I work for. I have two main clients; I have one bloke (71) who just really enjoys being showered properly and appreciates talking with me and getting about the town.

My other client (52-year-old male) is bed-ridden, he just enjoys spending time together.

I get to do a lot of things that I already want to do.

I’d recommend it as a job to everyone with a caring nature. Seeing people that can’t fend for themselves, at their age, I know what they’re going through, I could relate and I really wanted to help.