Renee & Christine

Renee & Christine

Renee Personal Care Worker

I got into aged care after finishing school. I have a caring nature; my mother always says it’s because I like to prepare for her when she gets older. I enjoy it, I get a lot of fulfilment in that caring. I like caring for people.

I’ve been doing it for around 20 years in total. I started in high care and then moved on to community care. Every day is different – it makes me happy. I manage to share a lot of laughter with the people I carer for. Apparently, I’m never cranky.

To anyone considering a career in aged care I’d say, if you have a kind and caring nature, go for it. You know you help someone, even if it’s just doing a bit of ironing, the conversations, it could be the simplest of things. It makes them happier and helps them to live in their own homes and feel comfortable. I know they’re are only small changes to younger people, but the changes to my clients are bigger and more phenomenal than you realize. It’s a great job to do.

Throughout my day I adjust to doing a lot of different things, a simple game of Scrabble to maybe cleaning a toilet. Very different, but it’s those little tasks that make it… and the conversation. I like my conversations. Communication is great, I love it.

I’ve got at least 20 main clients, every day different. I go around and check on everyone. It’s lovely. It’s very, fulfilling. People can come home from work and they’re all tired, they have bad days. I can do that too, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something. Even if it’s a walk, like I do in mornings with some clients.

Christine, one of Renee’s clients

She’s absolutely wonderful. She always has this bright sort of happy atmosphere around her. I don’t know how she manages it. The bit I enjoy best is going out for a couple of hours, twice a week and visiting various places or going for a special meal or something like that. You can make a huge difference.

I have three helpers, all excellent. They couldn’t be kinder, more interested, more helpful. There’s nothing they could do any better than they’re already doing for me. One does the washing and that sort of thing and then there’s one who takes me out for drives and when I go to medicals, when I go to see the optometrist or the dentist. They take me along and it’s comforting and it’s calming to have someone like that by your side to hold your hand if necessary. Especially when you’re not used to these things. And they’ve all helped me such a lot.

A lot of the carers say they would do the job for nothing if they could manage it because they love it so much. They come here and they really do their very best and they have such a varied choice of jobs to do during the day. Not their choice. Our choice. And it’s everything from indoor things like libraries and things like iPads and Google you can get on with and there’s gardening to outside and all the sports in the fields and… there’s wonderful choice of things to do, isn’t there?

There are so many qualities that they have that are not apparent. They’re all things that crop up as you go along. For instance, when Somebody has a sense of humour, definitely or somebody with compassion.