StepUp for Dementia Research – Now mobile friendly

StepUp for Dementia Research is the first systematic way for dementia researchers to recruit participants in Australia and they need your help. By participating in dementia research through StepUp, you are helping to accelerate the process of discovering more about dementia and its causes, as well as early diagnosis, better treatment, and quality of care.

StepUp for Dementia Research has made it easier for you to sign up for their service using your smartphone by making their website mobile friendly. Registration can take as little as five minutes. Head to and sign up for your chance to be matched to a wide range of dementia research studies!

*several studies currently listed with StepUp are online or telephone based

You are also able to support the work that StepUp does by making an online donation via the StepUp homepage – just click the “donate” button in the top right-hand corner.

Head to

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