Contribute to the Priority Population Action Plan Project

Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) is currently working on the Priority Population Action Plan Project which looks at health consumers’ views, ideas and experiences to identify what are health consumers’ relationships like with their GPs and what will impact or improve a health consumer’s readiness to access a GP regularly and over time.

The survey has been created so it can be completed by an individual health consumer, or it can be used as a consultation guide by service providers to gather the views of consumers.

The survey covers three areas:

  • Section 1: Consumer demographics (optional)
  • Section 2: Consumer perspectives
  • Section 3: Service provider perspectives

All the information collected by this survey is anonymous. Service Providers are encouraged to skip ahead to Section 3. The survey takes approximately 8 minutes to complete.

There are three ways to access the survey:

Online form

Download the workbook

Or scan the QR Code


The project is also related to another Brisbane South Primary Health Network project which has created a person-centred plan for health literacy activities regarding e.g., health consumer awareness, confidence, how to address health needs before/during/after they receive care. CSIA is seeking health consumer and community service provider feedback through consultations (group and individual) alongside the written feedback from the questions outlined in the workbook.

Thank you for your time in sharing your perspective and contributing to more informed health systems.

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