Increasing social connections

Relationships Australia Queensland, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Queensland and Australian National University, are trialling a group program that aims to increase social connections among older people living in the community.

This program, called Groups for Health and Wellbeing (G4H), is a 5-session program that runs over 2 months, and each session lasts for 1-2 hours. Groups 4 Health (G4H) was created by a team of UQ School of Psychology researchers to directly target the psychological distress that results from loneliness and social isolation.

The focus of the program is to empower and assist participants to enhance their existing relationships and/or to build new meaningful connections.

This research project is a pilot study focused on understanding the effectiveness of the G4H program for older adults, and so participants will be also invited to complete assessments both before and after the program, and a 3-month follow-up survey.

The group sessions will be delivered at these locations: Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Chermside.

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