Get Ready Queensland

When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

Natural disasters disrupt thousands of Queenslanders’ lives every year and each disaster has lasting effects to people, their property and their possessions.

Households that are well prepared before a natural disaster occurs are more resilient and are able to recover faster.
The best way to minimise the disruption to you and your family’s lives, is to first understand your risk to natural disasters, look at the big picture and identify the scenarios you need to consider, and make a plan.
Make your ‘WHAT-IF…’ plan today to protect what’s most important to you before the next disaster hits.

Being prepared can save lives, save money and can speed up recovery.

Get Ready Queensland has created three booklets to simplify disaster preparedness.
Click on the titles below to access these booklets:

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