Aged Care Navigator Trial

Aged Care Navigator Trial

The Aged Care Navigator Trials are now concluded.

These trials have informed the new Care Finders Program which will commence in all areas across Australia from mid-2023.

We will update this page with the details of How To Find A Care Finder once these details are released in 2023.

Aged Care Information and Support

For Aged Care information and support, please visit My Aged Care website or phone 1800 200 422.

My Aged Care support is also available now face-to-face through some dedicated Services Australia service centres.

You can book an appointment to speak to an Aged Care Specialist Officer (ACSO) in person by calling 1800 227 475 on weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

The face-to-face support will rollout to 80 locations by December 2022. This includes 10 ACSOs to provide face-to-face support to older Australians in rural and regional areas.

You can visit the Services Australia website for more information on the latest ACSO locations.