Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

Consumer Engagement in Aged Care

Consumer engagement in aged care is at the very center of modern service provision, and it is written into the quality standards themselves. In order to meet the standards, and to deliver the highest quality care in a way that also supports your business, you need high level expertise available within your services.

COTA Queensland can help you to ensure that your organisation embeds effective consumer engagement in its governance and operations. We work with your Board, management team, staff and consumers to address engagement at every level. This helps to develop your in-house expertise and grows your organisation’s capacity to meet the evolving needs and wants of consumers.

We can work with your organisation or service throughout the process of:

  • assessing how consumer engagement is done at the moment in your service/s,
  • exploring how it could or should be done to meet the needs of your organisation/ service and consumers, and to meet the aged care quality standards
  • developing a strategy and plans for implementation
  • identifying training needs of staff and consumers
  • providing education and training to staff and consumers
  • implementing practice change within services
  • evaluating change initiatives

We can support you in different ways from providing advice through to working in collaboration with your staff and consumers to develop the tools you need.

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