Socially connected, physically distanced

A message from our Chief Executive Mark Tucker-Evans

The outpouring of community support for older and vulnerable Queenslanders in response to the COVID-19 is heartfelt and inspiring.

We all know the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Well we are enlisting an army, a Care Army, to come together support up to one million older Queenslanders.

As evident of the outpouring of support for the Mud Army and various COVID community groups on Facebook, people want to lend a hand and support their community the safest way possible.

The Care Army is about bringing together everyday people who want to help those that may not have friends, family, or neighbours who are able to support them.

Providing people with access to food, medication, and social calls the centralised coordination of these services is a great way to pair people together and identify gaps to ensure we can respond to the needs of people.

The risk of older Queenslanders becoming more socially isolated and/or lonely is becoming more of a reality each day. Humans are a social species. Our social networks allow us to survive and thrive, that’s why this service is so vital.

Register to be a part of the Care Army now at

As the Senior’s peak we have developed a specific COVID-19 engagement platform to reach out to Queenslanders as they age and the services that support them to identify their needs and to enable us to provide credible information.

We want to hear from Queenslanders about what is happening in communities throughout the state and identify gaps in information. People’s local communities are becoming more important as our movement become more restricted.

We are also inviting people to share photos and videos of how they are staying active and connected to inspire others.


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