Let’s talk about the COVID-19 Road to Recovery

As the seniors’ peak body in Queensland, we have been committed to supporting you however we can and keeping you informed as the COVID-19 pandemic has developed.

We created a COVID section on our online Engagement Hub where you can provide feedback on how you’re experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and the impacts on and needs of older Queenslanders and the organisations working to support them.

With new cases settling in Queensland, attention is quickly turning to the road to recovery. There are many learnings from the pandemic that we need to ensure are not lost. We have a significant opportunity to look at what should be retained and what should be changed, and how we want to road to recovery to look.

Tell us about your experiences and what you want to happen now

We would like to know what you’re seeing and hearing, and what you’re experiencing. We are interested in the needs and the opportunities in your communities – what you want to see retained, changed, and done in response to COVID recovery.

Join the conversation now.

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