Building Better Homes

Join COTA Queensland’s in support of the Building Better Homes Campaign- Every Australian deserves a home which is safe, secure and meets their needs. 

Right now, nearly three quarters of Australians with mobility impairment live in housing which does not meet their needs.

Many people with disability say poor housing design means they cannot visit friends and family.  In some cases, housing quality is so low that people are unable to leave the house at all.

The Building Better Homes Campaign is a coalition of disability and seniors organisations working to change the National Building Code to make accessibility standards mandatory for all new residential homes.

This will change the life of hundreds of thousands of Australians who are currently limited in their day-to-day activities simply because their housing doesn’t meet their needs.

Early in 2021, Building Ministers from across Australia will meet to consider whether to include mandatory minimum accessibility standards in the National Building Code.  This will be a critical decision for the hundreds of thousands of Australians with mobility impairments who cannot get access to housing that meets their needs. Changes to the National Building Code will then come into effect in all states and territories on 1 September 2022.

Joining the campaign helps to support the Mandatory accessibility standards within our National Building Code. In turn, this would ensure hundreds of thousands of Australians would have access to appropriate housing.